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About Artist Footprint

Artist Footprint was built and designed with an entertainer in mind. The site gives members the ability to track their auditions and jobs, while giving them useful information such as their booking/callback rate, monthly income earned, feedback from peers and much more. The site has privacy settings so you can share or not share as much information as you feel comfortable with. The best part about this site is that it's 100% free.

Once you have signed up you have the ability to add pictures and videos to your profile. You can also add unlimited audition and job information. You can search our database for other actors/models/dancers/musicians and leave feedback on their pictures. You can also send private messages to any member in our network.

This site is meant to be an additional tool for entertainers to keep track of their career and see their progress along the way!

Site Features:
  • Log Auditions
  • Message Board
  • Log Jobs
  • 24 Month Employment History
  • Average Monthly Income
  • Quartly Income Breakdown
  • Member Search
  • Privacy Settings
  • Add Photos/Videos
  • Search Features
For any problems with the site, or feedback/suggestions, email:

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